Hi! I’m Justin James and I am a travel blogger because I travel a lot. Just about every year I travel for work and also for pleasure. I love traveling so much I think I am actually addicted to it!

I share my travel experiences through my blog and I get hundreds of visitors through the help of the internet. If I could capture all of the faces of people I traveled with I would be very happy because I love photography more than anything else in life.

If you are a travel writer who wants to quit their job and travel around then you need to check out my tips and tricks for this type of a career as well.

What do I love traveling around and seeing? That’s simple, sandy beaches, green cities, and everything in between. The pictures I take are beautiful and they bring back all of the good feelings that I get from being on my trip.

I’m so happy to be able to share my story along with the pictures that I take with all of my readers! Thank you for being here.